Sunday, January 29, 2006

red. wings. suck.

I was at the Dallas Stars game Saturday vs the Red Wings and will be there again tomorrow night against San Jose. But talk about a great game and an electric crowd, the Detroit game definitely had the look and feel of a playoff game. The media, among many, have been on the Stars fans and their lack of support. Well look at some of the games the Stars played at home earlier this season and you should be able to see why. Too many times they've come out and played down to the level of their opponent, only to lose a close game that they should have won. Too many times the Stars have come out and played a great first period and decided that should be enough to win and put in on cruise control the rest of the game. Too many games like that and loses that shouldn't have been are a direct reflect of the crowd and the support they provide. This Stars team has the talent to go far into the playoffs, there's not another team playing as well as the Stars are right now. If the Stars bring the intensity they brought to Saturday's Red Wings game to every game, first, they wont lose many between now and the end of the season and second, the crowd will be 'electric' every night.

I heard several people say that the Detroit game was the best they'd ever been to. Outside of some of the Colorado playoff games and the Stanley Cup Finals, it ranks right up there. The Stars have the chance to do something very special this year; hopefully they realize that and play to their potential. The Stars have some of the most skilled players in the league, witnessed by their 8-0 record in shootouts. With Marty Turco on top of his game, the Stars have a chance to win every game they play.

No team is more hated in Dallas than the Red Wings. Colorado is a close second, but when Detroit comes to town, bandwagon Red Wing fans emerge from the woodwork. How great was the expression on those Red Wing fan's faces when Lehtinen tied the game and the realization of a potential shootout loomed. The Wing fans were boisterous all game until all the sudden they didn't have the lead and chants of 'Red Wings Suck' echoed through the arena. The Stars were jobbed all game long by the refs, as if NBC was dictating that Detroit needed to win because they have a bigger following and to segue into the upcoming Super Bowl. The Stars PK did a great job with only giving up one PP goal, that on a penalty by Turco for slashing. The Stars made the most of their chances, tied it late in regulation, killed another penalty in the OT and won where have so often before, in the Shootout. Modano provided the difference maker with a blistering wrister going top shelf and all the Dead Wing Fans went home to cry. A great game, start to finish and a great crowd as well. I'll be at most of the home games the rest of the year so LETS GO STARS!

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