Thursday, September 15, 2005

the triplets...

Long time, no post… so there’s more to talk about than I’ll probably get to.

Lets start with the Cowboys! I’ll be attending Monday night’s game against the Redskins which should be quite an event. The Triplets (Aikman, Emmitt and Irvin) are being inducted into the Ring of Honor at halftime. They are arguably the best trio that’s ever played the game together. They may not have the most gaudy stats (Emmitt excluded), but in terms of overall performance, wins/losses and winning Super Bowls, no one did it better than The Triplets. Three Championships in four years that probably should have and easily could have been four in a row had Jerry Jones kept his ego in check and kept Jimmy Johnson as coach. It should be a great game and probably an easy win over the hapless Redskins.

While on the topic of the ‘Boys, the win Sunday over the Chargers was a nice surprise to most. Not that anyone thought the game wasn’t going to be competitive, but last year’s team doesn’t win that game. Bledsoe and company had every chance to quit but didn’t and came back to win with an impressive touchdown drive and big defensive stand, with San Diego knocking on the door at the 7 yd line.

Rayfield Wright is on a path to be a Hall of Fame finalist for the second time in three years and most expect him to get inducted this year. This poses an interesting question. This year will be the first year that Troy Aikman will be eligible for the Hall and with Michael Irvin’s snub last year, there is the potential for 3 Cowboys up for the final vote for entry into the Hall. This could be bad news for Irvin. After all of the conspiracy theories involving the Cowboys and the Hall of Fame, is it conceivable to really think the voters are going to put three Cowboys - Irvin, Wright and Aikman - in the Hall of Fame in the same year? Here’s hoping so, as they all deserve it!

More to come tomorrow including some good rants on college football.

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