Wednesday, September 28, 2005

i cant stand the yankees

The Cleveland Indians have picked a bad time for a 3-game losing streak. Within a game a few days ago, the Tribe is now 3 back of the White Sox with 4 games left. Now tied with the BoSox for the wild card, Cleveland finishes the year hosting a 3-game series with Chicago. While they battle for the AL Central, the Red Sox will host the Yankees this weekend to determine the AL East champion. If both the Indians and Red Sox can get hot, its possible the over-paid Yankees could be the odd team out when the playoffs start next week.

How over-paid are the Yankees you might ask? New York has by far the top payroll in MLB at $208-million. Lets put that in perspective to appreciate how badly the Yankees are at judging talent by comparing their payroll to what other teams are paying. The Red Sox are second on the list, and they’re $85 million behind. Then come the Mets at $101 million, which isn’t even half of what George Steinbrenner spends. So, of the 30 major league teams, only one spends at least half of New York’s investment, and 16 spend less than a third of the Yanks’ tab. $208M is quite an impressive amount, and to think it might not even be enough to have bought them a playoff spot this year.

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