Sunday, November 19, 2006

you've got to be kidding me - a rematch?!?

The BcS is showing exactly why voters should never determine a national champion. Michigan got beat, beat by more than the 3 points indicated on the scoreboard. It was an 11 point game late until a questionable pass interference penalty led to the last minute Michigan touchdown. Without that late call and the unforced turnovers by Ohio State that led directly to 10 Michigan points, the game could have been a blow out. Instead the final spread was just 3 points and the voters who would surely have dropped Michigan more than 1 spot had they lost this game early in the year decided to give them a chance at the national title game and with the help of the computers, the Wolverines may get their wish. Potentially better 1 loss teams such as USC, Arkansas and Florida wont get the chance to prove their worth on the field. What makes Michigan better than a 1-loss USC team or an SEC champion Arkansas team? What if Michigan doesn't get the garbage TD at the end of the game? Voters shouldn't decide who the two best teams are. Here's the real kicker... lets say Ohio State and Michigan play in a rematch, USC plays in the Rose Bowl and Arkansas in the Cotton. Arkansas and USC win their bowl games easily and then Michigan just barely beats Ohio State. Who's the best team now? The voters will have to say its Michigan, but that sounds like BcS to me.

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