Thursday, August 10, 2006

baseball notes..

• With an 8-2 win tonight over Seattle, the Rangers pull back to .500 on the year, 5 games back of the A's in the West.

• The only team in the AL with a worse home record than the Rangers are the lowly Royals who are the worst team in baseball. Only the Cubs and Atlanta have worse home records in the NL.

• Michael Young leads the majors in batting average with RISP at .398.

• The Redsox have now lost 5 in a row and could fall 4 games behind the Yankees in the AL East tonight, pending the outcome of the NY/Chisox game. Chicago is up 4-2 in the top of the 6th.

• Not sure how they came up with this, but the San Diego Padres introduced a new mascot recently... Franken Friar. Watch the video below and you'll be saying wtf?

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