Sunday, August 7, 2005

hall of fame, what a shame

Dan Marino and Steve Young were inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame today. There was something missing from today's ceremony though, rather someone missing. Michael Irvin should have been inducted today along with Young and Marino. There's an obvious anti-cowboys bias with the hall voters and they're allowed to hide behind the cloak of anonymity that surrounds the voting. But that's the NFL's way. Everything is hush-hush. Rumor is that the bias stems back to the Tex Schramm days back in the 70's when he endorsed the team's nickname as "America's Team". That old "America's Team" arrogance still burns deeply today it appears, and what better way to get even with the organization than to deny its former players enshrinement? Some of those snubbed recently along with Irvin are Bob Hayes, Cliff Harris, Rayfield Wright, Lee Roy Jordan and Chuck Howley. Doesn't it seem a tad odd that the organization that's both played in and won the most Super Bowls has less than half as many members in the hall as the Cleveland Browns? In fact, there are 13 teams with more members than the Cowboys. Something smells in Canton.

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