Tuesday, May 31, 2005

venturing into the blogosphere

For quite some time I've given thought to creating a blog only to be detered by my constant procrastination. Its not that I didnt want to put in the effort but being somewhat a perfectionist and hearing over and over as a child "do things right the first time...", I have a tendency to put things off if I dont think I have the time to do them the "right way". In any case, the time has come and I'll give some props to zam who helped push me over the edge.

Being a sports junkie and just a tad opinionated, the majority of the posts will most likely be sports related. Don't get me wrong, I have opinions on many things other than sports but in general, my convictions on these topics pale in comparison. With the exception of the PBA, there's not a sport I dont watch or most likely play. I have several things I've written over the past several weeks that I hope to post soon.

Herbert Warren Wind, the writer who coined the term "Amen Corner" (the 11th, 12th and 13th holes) at Augusta National, died today....

just wondering... why would two mainstream journalists name their secret informant after a porno movie that was popular at the time?

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Zam said...

Awwwww yeah...

You've come over to the dark side, my friend. You will soon find yourself obsessing over your blog and constantly posting in your head. Your mind will be taken over by a running commentary on the most basic daily occurrences, like that one coworker you have that irons her jeans.

You'll post two, maybe three entries a day - some poignant reminiscence of your childhood; some nonsensical whimsy.

Then, you'll get over it and become a slacker like the rest of us, struggling to eek out one half-assed post in a week.

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

ps: You have been immortalized on my links list. Prepare for all the fame that can be brought by the scads of readers who peruse my blog daily (ok, so it's like three people...two, really, if you don't include yourself).